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Graphic Designer and Social Media and Marketing Team

Run by the Islamic Fashion and Design Council

Aug ‘17 - Feb ’18

PACBL Logo designed by Hibah Hoque

I worked towards the event, Pret-A-Cover™ Buyers Lane. My role involved speaking to clients and partners globally, including companies such as Aston Martin, Etihad Airlines, Vogue Arabia, Pullman Accor Hotels, Galleries Lafayette and so on in line with the marketing strategies for the event. I lead a team of 6-8 people on the marketing team, and well as designing promotional content, fashion ads and promotional B2B posts for social media accounts. I also worked on ‘COVER’, IFDC’s online magazine as a Graphic Designer.

Pret-A-Cover™Buyers Lane (PAC BL) is a revolutionary modest fashion and design global market event featuring modest designers, artists, and lifestyle from around the world. Enjoy exciting new stage shows using state of the art technology! Join retailers, industry players, and enjoy exciting shopping programs at this most important event for the global modest industry. Launching in Dubai under the support of Dubai government’s Islamic Economy Development Center, and further will be positioned in other countries, PAC-BL offers innovative opportunities for all global stakeholders. Be a part of the legacy, witness an exciting change in the business of modest fashion and design!

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