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The word ‘confine’ has two connotations, it can insinuate that you are limited to a certain space by a boundary of some sort, or it can mean that you are “shut in or kept from” something, thus preventing you from “leaving a place because of imprisonment.”

This publication was inspired by stories and experiences of people who have faced unfair confinement and the works of artists such as Ai Wei Wei who used their time in captivity to share an experience with an audience through an installation.

Bound with a black simple cover, it lies as flat and mundane as the routine filled lives we lead. However, once opened each image acts as an experience for the viewer, showing the abstract details of objects that would usually go unnoticed within a personal space. Some images may be more recognisable than others but hopefully it answers the question as to what is produced when one person is confined to one space for a prolonged period of time and how personal does that space then become.

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