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As an artist, I look to my personal experiences for inspirations when it comes to my work. My culture, background, family and religion usually influence my pieces, so, for this project I’ve decided to focus on the family and religion aspect of my life as well as adding in a part of Middle Eastern and Asian culture.


Noun (derived from the Arabic language)

  1. the body of traditional Islamic law accepted by most orthodox Muslims as based on the words and acts of Mohammed

Noun: Hadith; plural noun: Hadith; plural noun: Hadiths

  1. A collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad which, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunnah), constitute the major source of guidance for Muslims apart from the Quran.

The second most important source of authority for Muslims is the Sunnah. This refers to the practices, customs and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad that are considered to be a perfect example. They are found in Hadithand other texts. Many of Muhammad’s followers memorised his teachings while he was alive. These were later written down and scrutinised and then collections were made of them. Different groups of Muslims accept different collections of Hadith as reliable sources of authority.

What is the sunnah diet?

The Sunnah Diet is an instagram page that was run by my mum and her friend. The idea came from an Islamic class that my mum was teaching that’s aimed at teenage girls where by for one of the lessons she was trying to make the class more fun by adding treats. She wanted to bring in chocolates and sweets for everyone as a motivation factor but was trying to figure out a way in which it ties to Islamic values or traditions. So, she began to look into foods, recipes and customs that are sunnah in Islam… therefore, the sunnah diet was created! It lasted for 40 days and on each day four posts were shared, which consisted of a day and colour scheme, the sunnah ingredient, a final recipe and a hadith.

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